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Wood Laser Cutters Unmasked: 11 Whizbang Machines for Sizzling Cuts

Reviewed By Dr Solly

I’ve put 11 wood laser cutters to the test, and I discovered that the QQCASE 10W Cutter is the best cutting and engraving tool for woodworking projects.

In prior reviews and guides, including our step-by-step wood sandblasting tutorial, we’ve covered the ins and outs of every step in the woodworking process.

This review is no different! On account of my decades of experience in cutting, engraving, and sawing wood for construction in millwork, cabinet building, and constructing outdoor structures, I’ve earned a deep familiarity with wood laser cutting.

After careful research and testing, I believe I’ve tracked down the best wood laser cutting machine on the consumer market.

The QQCASE wood cutter and engraver offers users a choice of a wide range of cutting materials, built-in industry-standard software to easily cut and engrave their designs, and high-resolution engraving quality for images.

Of course, that isn’t the whole story: For some uses and buyers, I’d actually recommend some alternative cutting tools. 

Read on to see why I came away with such a positive impression of the QQCASE wood cutter, and some tips on finding the laser engraving tool for your projects!

11 Best Wood Laser Cutters Reviews in Detail

Since I know we’re all very busy people, let’s get straight to the meat of the matter!

Here’s my list of the top 11 wood laser cutters, and which users would benefit most from each cutting tool:

Product ImageProduct NameSimpleWood
What I likedWhat I did not likeLink
QQCASE 10W CutterQQCASE 10W CutterBest Overall– Huge material range,
– Built-in software tools
– High image quality
N/ACheck Price Here
SCULPFUN S6 ProSCULPFUN S6 ProMost Beginner-Friendly– Easy assembly, 
– Quality customer support
– Durable machine parts
– No pre-shipped manualCheck Price Here
xTool M1 Craft Laser CutterxTool M1 Craft Laser CutterMost Powerful– Advanced specs
– AI tools
– High precision
– Slow customer supportCheck Price Here
Mecpow X3 ProMecpow X3 ProBest for Safety– Flame and heat sensors 
– Emergency shutdown
 – Security authorization
– No WiFi support,
– No smartphone app
– No pre-installed software
Check Price Here
WIZMAKER L1 Laser CutterWIZMAKER L1 Laser CutterBest for Ease of Installation– Clear instructions
– Quick assembly
– Easy file transfer
– Durability issues
– Finicky laser sensor
Check Price Here
Comgrow Z1 Laser Engraving MachineComgrow Z1 Laser EngraverBest for Software Integration– Industry-standard tools support
– Operating system compatibility
– Multiple data upload options
– Incompatible accessoriesCheck Price Here
LAKIX TX 5W Portable Engraving MachineLAKIX TX 5W Portable MachineMost Portable– Ease of use
– Effective customer support
– Material variety
– Poor aluminum engraving
– Pricey
Check Price Here
Longer RAY5 Laser EngraverLonger RAY5 Laser EngraverBest Price for Value– Comprehensive feature set
– Affordable price
– High durability
– Issues with metal engraving
– WiFi connectivity issues
Check Price Here
ATOMSTACK A5 ProATOMSTACK A5 ProBest for Stability– Heat protection
– Lightweight build
– Steady design
– Steep learning curve
– Difficult manual adjustments
Check Price Here
PrintCraft Longer Laser EngraverPrintCraft Longer Laser EngraverMost Customizable– Supports several file formats
– Wide workspace
– Strong software integration
– Frequent software crashes
Check Price Here
ATEZR P20 Laser CutterATEZR P20 Laser CutterBest for Speed– High power capacity
– Detailed precision
– Design stability
– Complex installation
– High price tag
Check Price Here

1. QQCASE 10W Cutter – Best Overall

No products found.

I’ll start with the best of the best!

A few highly compelling advantages of the QQCASE 10W Cutter immediately stood out to me, and ultimately pushed the machine to the top of my list:

  • Huge range of materials. Due to its ability to cut and engrave materials ranging from wood to metal to plastic, the QQCASE is a good match for designs with multiple elements.
  • Built-in software tools. The cutter’s pre-installed LaserGRBL program aids users already familiar with the software and also gets rid of the problem of having to install your own design suite.
  • Image quality. Imprinting images on wood or leather surfaces provides high-resolution results, which is crucial for artistic customizability. 

2. SCULPFUN S6 Pro – Most Beginner-Friendly

SCULPFUN S6 Pro Laser Engraver, Laser 4,DIY Laser Cutter for Wood and Acrylic, 5500mW Output Laser Engraving Machine, Logo and Pattern Laser Marking Machine, Gifts for Him (S6 PRO Engraver)

Speaking of beginners, let’s talk about the pros of the SCULPFUN S6 Pro:

  • Easy assembly. The S6 Pro can be readily assembled in less than thirty minutes, cutting down on prep work, making the experience more enjoyable, and reducing the overall learning curve for beginners.
  • Quality customer support. Because of the company’s speedy and knowledgeable customer support, you won’t get stuck on trivial questions in the middle of a laser cutting project.
  • Durable machine parts. Each part is highly resistant to wear and tear, saving woodworkers the hassle and expenses of constantly replacing tools.

A not-so-exciting aspect of the S6 Pro was the absence of a pre-shipped user manual.  Putting together the cutter wasn’t too challenging even without the manual, but I have no doubt this could prevent more inexperienced users from correctly assembling the design.

3. xTool M1 Craft Laser Cutter – Most Powerful

xTool M1 2-in-1 Laser Engraver, 10w Output Class I Craft Laser Cutter with Integrated Enclosure, Compatibility with Rotary, Air Assist, Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine for Wood and Metal

Most buyers looking for a laser cutter are aiming for hobbyist use, but those looking for an extra-powerful punch to their engraver also have an excellent choice with the xTool M1 tool.

So, what makes this cutter optimal for power users? A few things: 

  • Advanced specs. The xTool M1 incorporates industry-grade features such as hybrid laser and blade cutting, 10W output power, and support for over 300 materials, including practically any good wood for laser cutting; heavy-duty, complex projects are unlikely to hit any roadblocks here.
  • AI tools. Using the built-in AI support, I was able to batch process several of my designs at once. This is a valuable asset for bulk projects, like merchandise and gift engraving for small businesses. 
  • High precision. This machine can engrave down to 0.01mm levels of precision; a key requirement for ultra-fine image and text laser engraving for commercial projects!

Unfortunately, one downside I couldn’t help but notice was the slow and (often) unhelpful customer support channels. When I was stuck on using the AI, in particular, I more or less had to figure the problem out completely on my own.

4. Mecpow X3 Pro – Best for Safety

Mecpow X3 Pro Laser Engraver w/Air Assist, 10W(10000mW Output) Laser Cutter, 60W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine, Laser Engraver for Wood and Metal w/Emergency Stop, Flame & Gyro Detectio 16.0 x 15.7'

Working with lasers that can cut through wood and even metal, of course, poses some safety hazards. 

Luckily, there’s always an option like the Mecpow X3 Pro that takes this into account!

  • Flame and heat sensors. The always-present potential hazard of a fire in my work area due to overheating was comfortably addressed by the built-in sensors.
  • Emergency shutdown mechanism. If your workflow gets out of control or machine parts break while cutting, the shutdown feature can keep a certifiable disaster from ensuing. 
  • Security authorization. Those with children (or nosy neighbors) can use the simple authorization feature to keep their cutting machine intruder-free.

Less impressive cons were the nonexistent WiFi support, absence of a smartphone app, and no pre-installed software, all of which made uploading usable design files way more of a headache than it needed to be.

5. WIZMAKER L1 Laser Cutter – Best for Ease of Installation

No products found.

Want nothing more than a straightforward, no-nonsense assembly process? Then the WIZMAKER L1 wood laser cutter will be right up your alley!

Installation for this tool is a simple matter:

  • Clear instructions. With the comprehensive, easy-to-read instruction manual, even complete beginners aren’t liable to run into installation obstacles.
  • Quick assembly. All said, it took about 15 minutes to get the cutter up and running, which clearly offers more time for the fun parts of the project!
  • Easy file transfer. A broad set of supported file types, along with extensive support for varying software tools, help to streamline the design-to-production workflow.

While the assembly was a breeze, the machine itself had some significant negatives.

Durability was a big issue, and I noticed the laser starting to lose its precision even after only a few uses. Likewise, the laser sensor was a bit finicky and accuracy was often sacrificed as a result.

6. Comgrow Z1 Laser Engraving Machine – Best for Software Integration

Comgrow Z1 Laser Engraving Machine 5W Output Power, Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine 24V Compressed Spot 10000mm/min with Eye Protection for Wood Metal Glass Acrylic Leather 15.7'x15.7'

Tech enthusiasts are naturally always looking for a way to keep their favorite software tools in sync with their laser cutters.

The Comgrow Z1 engraver is unquestionably the best fit for those users:

  • Support for industry-standard tools. Comprehensive integration for software like LightBurn and LaserGRBL keep designers from having to learn a new tool.
  • Operating system compatibility. Support for common OS platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux make this a flexible and portable cutting machine for users of multiple systems.
  • Data upload options. The option to use WiFi, USB, or SD cards to upload your design files practically ensures you won’t have to solve upload and sharing concerns.

On the other hand, a less-than-stellar area I ran into was compatibility problems with accessories such as the air nozzles. The machine ships with multiple air nozzles, but, as I soon realized, none of these nozzles are compatible with the company’s laser. 

Essentially, this means either the nozzle or the laser needs to be replaced, making one of the two useless.

7. LAKIX TX 5W Portable Engraving Machine – Most Portable

LAKIX TX 5W Laser Engraver Portable Engraving Machine, Mini Laser Cutter Compressed Spot 0.05mm High Precision App-Controlled PC-Controlled for Wood, Leather, Vinyl Glass, DIY Art, Food

I encountered several pleasantly surprising features with the LAKIX TX 5W cutter:

  • Ease of use. With its mobile support, LightBurn compatibility, and portable design, the LAKIX TX 5W is incredibly easy to use, allowing both beginners and experts alike to quickly get to work with the machine.
  • Customer support. The service team was quick to respond, helpful with their feedback, and knowledgeable of even obscure issues. Since laser cutting is a relatively complex process, effective customer support can make the difference for a project’s success.
  • Material variety. You can laser cut plywood, leather, plastic, metal, glass, and a host of additional materials, providing for a degree of user choice unmatched by most cutters and engravers.

A major con that stood out to me was the poor functionality for aluminum engraving, since aluminum is a very popular choice for laser engraving. I also thought the tool was a bit pricey, given its more beginner-oriented quality and feature set. 

8. Longer RAY5 Laser Engraver – Best Price for Value

LONGER RAY5 Laser Engraver, 5W Output Laser DIY Engraving Machine, 40W Laser Engraving Cutter for Wood and Metal, 3.5' Touch Screen, Offline Engraving/Cutting, Engraving Area 15.7'x15.7'

Manufactured and distributed by Longer, the RAY5 laser engraver and cutter comes highly recommended by me for a few simple reasons:

  • Feature set. This cutter uses up-to-date, precise, and quality machine parts for its cutting mechanism, which translates to finer finishes and a longer-lasting tool, saving both time and resources in the long run.
  • Price. While there are cheaper laser cutters on the market, the RAY5 provides a great bargain, given its high quality. The lower price frees up budget allocation for other essential parts of project prep.
  • Durability. Despite its high-tech features like its color touchscreen, this cutter is anything but fragile! High durability keeps parts from breaking or wearing out, which I’ve painfully learned is mandatory in extreme-precision engraving.
  • Safety. The engraving machine ships with comprehensive safety features, like protective glasses, movement detection, and overheating prevention. Wood-cutting injuries and damages are no joke, and doing anything we can to prevent them is necessary!

But, I certainly ran into a couple drawbacks: 

The cutter’s laser encountered problems engraving tougher materials like metal, which came as a surprise to me, as Longer specifically advertises metal as a product the machine engraves well. 

Additionally, I wasn’t able to connect the engraver to WiFi, which made the process of transferring my design files trickier than I expected.

9. ATOMSTACK A5 Pro – Best for Stability

Official ATOMSTACK A10 Pro/X7 Pro/S10 Pro Laser Engraver, 10000mW Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine with 0.06x0.08mm Dual Compressed Spot for Wood and Metal, Acrylic, Leather

Stability and durability are crucial issues, both for long term purchases and for projects that necessitate a high degree of precision. 

For users with these priorities at the top of their list, I strongly suggest looking into the ATOMSTACK A5 Pro for a few key reasons:

  • Heat protection. Using a coated glass filter, this cutter can prevent fire damage to the machine’s acrylic materials, ensuring that the parts remain usable well into the future.
  • Lightweight build. About as light as a laser cutter can get, you can easily move the tool between locations with minimal chance of damage during transport.
  • Steady design. The sturdy, durable build drastically reduces the risk of fall or impact damage and cuts down on chronic wear and tear problems.

A large drawback I found with this tool was the steep learning curve. 

The difficult and stubborn design made manually adjusting and aligning the laser a headache, which, along with an app that I couldn’t successfully connect to my network, caused the whole experience to be much more challenging than necessary!

10. PrintCraft Longer Laser Engraver – Most Customizable

PrintCraft Class 4 Laser Engraver 10000mW Output for DIY Laser Cutter Engraving Machine, CNC Laser Engraver for Wood and Metal, Acrylic

I know many woodworkers are sticklers for customization, and the PrintCraft Longer Laser Engraver doesn’t disappoint on that front:

  • Several file formats. It’s difficult to know what file format to save your designs in for maximum compatibility, so the PrintCraft laser engraver addresses that problem by supporting the most common types.
  • A wide workspace. The 400x400mm engraving area gives plenty of space for large, resource-heavy projects like custom gifts, backyard decorations, or personalized phone cases.
  • Strong software integration. By using LaserGRBL and WiFi driver support, the machine readily cooperates with the large majority of design files you likely have on hand.

Sore spots for me revolved around the tool’s fairly frequent software crashes, which on more than one occasion brought a cutting cycle to an abrupt end before it even started!

11. ATEZR P20 Laser Cutter – Best for Speed

No products found.

Users who work on bulk projects and need their engraver to operate as quickly as possible definitely have a wood laser cutter champion: The ATEZR P20!

Why is this tool ideal for speed? Simple: 

  • Power capacity. The 120W machine power more efficiently handles the sort of complex cutting and engraving designs used by experienced woodworkers.
  • Detailed precision. Precision is crucial for advanced projects like logo and image engraving, and the highly fine compression point implemented by the cutter maintains that precision.
  • Design stability. Even at very high cutting speeds, the ATEZR keeps up its precision and tool stability, opening up the door for a drastically reduced working time.

Of course, there are some drawbacks too. 

The installation was, I immediately noticed, very complex and ill-suited for beginner users. Additionally, I found the high price tag quite prohibitive, especially for those just getting their feet wet with laser wood cutting.

Buying Guide for Wood Laser Cutters

Below, I’ll give you a list of a few tricks I’ve learned to quickly and easily weigh the pros and cons of any wood laser cutter or engraver you’re researching.

Comparing Features

First and foremost, it’s absolutely crucial to compare the basic features of the cutters you’re considering.

From my experience, there are three main categories of features you’ll want to judge:

  • Cutting depth and precision. The overall quality of the machine’s cutting features simply can’t be overlooked.
  • Affordability. No one has an infinite budget; if two cutters are roughly equal in features and quality, it only makes sense to pick the cheapest one!
  • Stability and durability. A wood laser cutter isn’t worth much if it breaks down or becomes unusable after a few uses: Material toughness is key.

Common Laser Cutter Use Cases

It would make things a whole lot simpler if we all wanted to use laser cutters for the exact same project.

Alas, many distinct types of projects are out there!

To know what wood cutter will best serve your needs, it’s essential to have a handle on the main types of work you’ll use it for. For example, some woodworkers use laser cutters to engrave their own business logos; in that case, a high-precision machine is a priority. 

On the other hand, if you’re working with multiple different machines and software tools, a customizable and compatible laser engraver makes all the difference.


Let me put it plainly: The QQCASE 10W Cutter is the best wood laser cutter for the large majority of use cases.

Due to its support for many different materials, convenient software toolset, and remarkable image quality for engravings, this cutting and engraving machine has everything most buyers need to start slicing through their lumber without any hassle.

Want to check it out for yourself? Visit the QQCASE store page and see if it’s the perfect wood laser cutter for you!

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure to learn more.

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