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Unleash Craftsmanship Safely: The 14 Best Food Grade Wood Sealer Choices

Picking the right food-grade wood sealer sort of feels like gambling at the slot machines. If you don’t have the right knowledge, isn’t it basically just up to random chance whether you end up with a good, safe product?

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Fundamentally, there’s really no difference between picking the best sealant and any other woodworking debate, like whether it’s a good idea to use epoxy resin on wood. It’s all just a matter of gathering the right knowledge and making an informed choice.

Below, I’ll cover why and when you should use food-grade wood sealers and my choice of the 14 highest-quality sealers on the market. 

Why Use Food Grade Wood Sealers?

Alright, so let’s back up a second: Before we get into the nitty-gritty of which sealant you should choose, why do you even need a food-grade wood sealer in the first place?

Really, to get to the root of that question, we’ve first got to talk about the basic advantages of food-safe wood finishes in general without covering the specifics (the benefits of food grade polyurethane can hold on for now!). 

You can boil down the essential strengths of these types of sealants into three core pillars:

  • Safety. Not every wood finish you’ll encounter is food safe, so ensuring that you’re using a food-grade sealer is enormously beneficial for your health and safety.
  • Long-term storage. Minimal contact with an unsafe sealant probably won’t cause significant negative health effects, but for prolonged storage, you’re always going to want to opt for a food-grade option.
  • Peace of mind. Knowing that you’ve chosen the safe, healthy alternative for your wood finish will bring you a tremendous sense of relief.

Top 14 Food Grade Wood Sealers

Now that we’ve cleared up the importance and benefits of food-safe wood finishes, let’s get down to business!

Here are the 14 best food grade wood sealers available for sale!

Product ImageProduct NameSimpleWood
Seal It Green Garden Box SealerSeal It Green Garden Box SealerBest for General Use– Organic ingredients.
– Ease of use.
– Appearance.
– High price.
– Lower durability.
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Tried & True Original Wood FinishTried & True Original Wood FinishMost Intuitive Design– Easy application
– Beautiful finish.
– Longevity.
– Long drying time.
– Weaker protection.
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Garifon Pure Tung OilGarifon Pure Tung OilMost Well-Rounded– Durability.
– Water resistance.
– Natural ingredients.
– Slow drying process.
– Strong scent.
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John Taylor Butcher Block ConditionerJohn Taylor Butcher Block ConditionerEasiest to Use– Quick drying time.
– Effortless application.
– Final appearance.
– Shorter lifespan.
– Unusual texture.
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Wood Masters Secret 3-in-1 Cutting Board OilWood Master’s Secret 3-in-1 Cutting Board OilBest for Affordability– Affordability.
– Convenient cleanup.
– Pleasant smell.
– Sticky consistency.
– Inconsistent look and feel.
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Eco Advance Wood Siloxane WaterprooferEco Advance Wood Siloxane WaterprooferMost Water-Resistant– Highly functional.
– Easy to use.
– Extremely water resistant.
– Chemically-based formula.
– Requires high quantities.
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Godora Pure Tung OilGodora Pure Tung OilOverall Champion– Smooth application.
– Highly durable.
– Fast drying time.
– Color changes.
– Lackluster appearance.
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Garden-Seal NonToxic Wood and Pottery SealerGarden-Seal NonToxic Wood and Pottery SealerMost Natural– Strong and effective seal.
– Odorless.
– Organic.
– Strange consistency.
– Unclear package instructions.
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Thirteen Chefs Mineral OilThirteen Chefs Mineral OilBest for Appearance– Quick and even spread.
– Pleasant aesthetics.
– Beginner-friendly application.
– Higher cost.
– Extended drying time.
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Howard Butcher Block OilHoward Butcher Block OilBest for Stubborn Surfaces– Fast absorption.
– Simple to use.
– Stain-resistant.
– Frequent Application
– Price.
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HOPEs 100 Pure Tung OilHOPE’s 100% Pure Tung OilMost Beginner-Friendly– High effectiveness.
– Casual use.
– Easy to clean.
– Less affordable.
– Ugly scent.
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Minwax Polycrylic Protective Wood FinishMinwax Polycrylic Protective Wood FinishBest for Experienced Users– A beautiful coat.
– High-quality ingredients.
– Well-designed packaging.
– Difficulty.
– Cold sensitivity.
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LinSheen Raw Linseed OilLinSheen Raw Linseed OilMost Long-Lasting– Thorough packaging instructions.
– Long-lasting application.
– Natural appearance.
– Strong odor.
– Slower drying time.
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Goldmans Wood BalmGoldman’s Wood BalmBest for Simplicity– Smooth absorption.
– Speedy drying process.
– Look and feel.
– Limited surfaces.
– Less effective.
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#1: Seal It Green Garden Box Sealer – Best for General Use

Garden Box Sealer | FDA Food Contact Safe Plant-Based Wood Sealant for Raised Beds, Planters & Pet Houses. Protects All Wood Types from Water & Weather Damage | Eco-Friendly Sustainable Solution

The Seal It Green Garden Box Sealer offers an almost unbeatable finish for anyone searching for a natural, organic food-safe finish. 

This quart of plant-based sealant materials can combine with wood or metal and is a pet-friendly alternative to finishes made from toxic chemical formulas.


  • Organic ingredients. The formula is made from purely all-natural, organic ingredients. No need to worry about toxins or health effects!
  • Ease of use. You can apply this finish without any hassle or unexpected obstacles.
  • Appearance. Many buyers love the polished, sleek look that the sealer gives to wood surfaces.


  • High price. The Seal It Green finish is unusually pricey for a wood sealer, so budget-conscious woodworking hobbyists probably want to search elsewhere.
  • Lower durability. We found that the sealer’s effects don’t last as long as its competitors.


The Seal It Green Garden Box Sealer is an enticing option for beginner woodworkers and people looking for an organic contender, but its high price and short lifespan might make it a non-starter. 

#2: Tried & True Original Wood Finish – Most Intuitive Design

Tried & True Original Wood Finish – 8oz. Bottle – All-Purpose All-Natural Finish for Wood, Metal, Food Safe, Dye Free, Solvent Free, VOC Free, Non Toxic Wood Finish, Sealer

This 8-ounce Tried & True Wood Finish is made from linseed oil and beeswax, with an ideal application to projects like wooden cabinets, doors, and furniture. The food-grade formulation not only highlights the grain and character of your wood pieces but also offers protection and longevity. With its easy application and maintenance, this finish will give your wooden items a beautiful, antique sheen.


  • Easy application. The finish is quite simple and intuitive to apply to any wood surface.
  • Beautiful finish. After you’ve applied the sealer, you’re left with a wonderful appearance for your woodworking project.
  • Longevity. The Tried & True formula is highly durable and will last an impressive amount of time.


  • Long drying time. This product will take a bit longer to dry than you might expect.
  • Weaker protection. The ingredients, linseed oil + beeswax, mean that the coating isn’t as protective as chemical alternatives.


As long as you can make your peace with the wait time and the somewhat lackluster protection against the elements, the Tried & True finish is an exceptional sealer.

#3: Garifon Pure Tung Oil – Most Well-Rounded

32 OZ Pure Tung Oil for Wood Finishing, Tung Oil Food Grade, Waterproof Wood Sealer for Indoor Outdoor Wood Products, Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards

Weighing a hefty 32 ounces and made from 100% tung oil, Garifon Pure Tung Oil is an eco-friendly, waterproof finish made for all types of wood surfaces. Known for its waterproofing capabilities, it creates a flexible, durable barrier that accentuates the wood’s natural grain and color. This pure oil is perfect for preserving and enhancing all your wooden kitchenware.


  • Durability. The formula can certainly withstand the elements and lasts a long time!
  • Water resistance. Pesky precipitation and water exposure aren’t likely to ruin your wood surfaces.
  • Natural ingredients. No mystery chemicals here! Just natural tung oil.


  • Slow drying process. Don’t use this Garifon product if you’ve got a deadline! I was recently working on finishing a wooden bench for a client and Garifon Pure Tung Oil took forever to dry.
  • Strong scent. Like all tung oil, this finish has a surprisingly powerful odor that you might find obtrusive.


If you can get past the ages it takes to dry and the annoying smell, Garifon Pure Tung Oil is a worthy contender in the field of food grade wood sealers!

#4: John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner – Easiest to Use

John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner Food Grade Mineral Oil and Natural Waxes

Synthesized from a mineral oil and beeswax combination, the John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner is a 12-ounce liquid oil finish. This product moisturizes, protects against bacteria, and adds a renewed luster to your wooden items. It’s the complete solution for maintaining the health and beauty of your wooden kitchen tools.


  • Quick drying time. In refreshing contrast to the Garifon oil, this one dries up super quickly!
  • Effortless application. We felt this product is well suited for the beginner-friendly process of applying the finish.
  • Final appearance. By all accounts, after it’s dried, the sealer leaves a wonderful impression on any wood surface.


  • Shorter lifespan. Those hoping for an ultra-durable sealer won’t end up impressed with this one!
  • Unusual texture. The conditioner has a strange thickness to it that can feel unfamiliar to woodworking experts.


Despite its disappointing durability and unexpected consistency, this sealant boasts an impressive and unique mix of advantages.

#5: Wood Master’s Secret 3-in-1 Cutting Board Oil – Best for Affordability

Wood Master's Secret Non-Toxic, Food Safe Cutting Board Oil, Conditioner & Sealer. Exceeds FDA Food Contact Surface Regulations. Also Works On Butcher Blocks, Wood Counters & More (8Oz)

The Wood Master’s Secret 3 in 1 cutting board sealer is a plant-based wood finish that comes in an 8-ounce liquid with a citrus scent. This product is a  game-changer, offering a triple-action formula that cleans, conditions, and seals. With food-grade mineral oil, natural waxes, and organic lemon essential oils, this product extends the life of your wooden kitchenware while adding a fresh scent. It’s the master key to maintaining and revitalizing your wooden culinary items.


  • Affordability. This 3 in 1 finish is a great value for its price tag.
  • Convenient cleanup. It’s a quick and easy process to clean up after you apply the sealant, so there are no unexpected messes to deal with!
  • Pleasant smell. The finish has a faint but very pleasant smell of citrus.


  • Sticky consistency. We ended up dismayed when we realized the oil gave us a sticky board to work against!
  • Inconsistent look and feel. There are hit-or-miss results depending on what type of wood you use.


For the price, the Wood Master’s Secret 3 in 1 oil is impressive, but if you’re working on a more demanding project, it probably won’t do the trick.

#6: Eco Advance Wood Siloxane Waterproofer – Most Water-Resistant

Eco Advance Exterior Wood Siloxane Odorless Spray-On Application Waterproofer Water Repellent, Safe for Use Around Plants, Pets, and People, 1 Gallon

Manufactured for use on wood and fencing, the Eco Advance Wood Siloxane Waterproofer is a premium, eco-friendly solution designed to safeguard your wooden items from water damage. This non-toxic, VOC-compliant formula offers excellent penetration, providing long-lasting water repellency while maintaining the wood’s breathability. 

For a high-performing yet environmentally responsible waterproofer that doesn’t compromise the wood’s natural beauty, Eco Advance is your ultimate choice. 


  • Highly functional. If you’re looking for strong results, this one is prizefighter material!
  • Easy to use. There’s very minimal difficulty in using the finish, so you shouldn’t run into any roadblocks.
  • Extremely water resistant. Live in a wet area? No problem! The waterproof formula protects against moisture.


  • Chemically-based formula. If an organic ingredient list is a must, I’d strongly recommend looking elsewhere!
  • Requires high quantities. Fortunately, this product comes in a big container because you’ll need to use a lot of it for the best results.


This is a heavy-duty sealant that’s best used for projects that require tight seals, but the chemical concentration and demanding amounts of finish are sticking points for some.

#7: Godora Pure Tung Oil – Overall Champion

Godora 16 oz Pure Tung Oil for Wood Finishing, Wood Sealer for Indoor & Outdoor Favored by Craftsmen, Waterproofing Tung Oil for Wood Products, Perfect Food Safety Tung Oil for Furniture & Countertops

Yet another entrance into the tung oil field! 

Godora Pure Tung Oil comes in a fluid product at 16 ounces, with waterproof features intended for a wide range of wood surfaces. This easy-to-apply oil creates a durable, water-resistant finish that will keep your wood looking great. With Godora, you can ensure your wooden pieces are protected while showcasing their natural beauty.


  • Smooth application. You’ll encounter zero struggle applying this sealant; it instantly becomes best friends with any wood surface!
  • Highly durable. The Godora sealer is tough and hardy, so expect it to last an impressive amount of time.
  • Fast drying time. If you’re busy with a million projects, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t have to wait too long for the finish to dry.


  • Color changes. I would like to point out that wood projects undergo a mild color change after applying this tung oil.
  • Lackluster appearance. Godora lacks the impressive surface sheen effect other oils can provide.


Woodworkers who can forgive the color transformation and overall boring look will end up extraordinarily impressed with the Godora oil’s ease of use, durability, and quick-as-a-whip drying time!

#8: Garden-Seal NonToxic Wood and Pottery Sealer – Most Natural

Garden-Seal NonToxic Wood and Pottery Sealer

Produced with eco-friendly and organic woodworkers in mind, the Garden-Seal NonToxic Wood and Pottery Sealer works as a sealant for many types of lumber. Not only does it offer robust protection, but its food-safe formula makes it safe for use on surfaces that come into contact with food. With Garden-Seal, you’re choosing safety, efficacy, and care for the environment.


  • Strong and effective seal. Unlike some finishes, this is an exceptionally functional sealant.
  • Odorless. No unpleasant scents to stomach here!
  • Organic. It’s always reassuring to see an organic, plant-based wood sealer.


  • Strange consistency. We noted that the water-like texture of the product is rather unexpected.
  • Unclear package instructions. If you’re a beginner, you might find yourself confused when reading the label!


Though it has an unorthodox texture and could improve its packaging, this is a quality and functional food grade wood sealer.

#9: Thirteen Chefs Mineral Oil – Best for Appearance

Thirteen Chefs Mineral Oil - 12oz Food Grade Conditioner for Wood Cutting Board, Countertop & Butcher Block, Lubricant for Knife or Meat Grinder - Safe USP Finish on Marble, Soapstone

Derived from a mineral oil formula, the 12-ounce Thirteen Chefs food grade conditioner works on both wood and stainless steel.Thirteen Chefs Mineral Oil is a top-tier product designed to rejuvenate and protect your wooden kitchenware and furniture. This food-safe, easy-to-apply oil not only restores the natural beauty of wood but also forms a protective barrier against moisture and stains.


  • Quick and even spread. The oil spreads without any resistance or fussiness!
  • Pleasant aesthetics. This Thirteen Chefs sealant leaves any surface with a lovely, beautiful coat.
  • Beginner-friendly application. It’s easy to use and clean!


  • Higher cost. Compared to some of its peers, this oil is a bit expensive.
  • Extended drying time. You’ll probably have to wait longer than typical for the finish to completely dry.


If you’re willing to pay a higher price tag and aren’t too bothered by the longer drying process, the Thirteen Chefs Mineral Oil is likely the best clear coat for wood!

#10: Howard Butcher Block Oil – Best for Stubborn Surfaces

Howard Butcher Block Oil, Conditioner and Cutting Board Cleaner 12 Ounce, Food Grade Mineral Oil, Food Safe Wood Sealer

For kitchen utensils that see a lot of use, Howard Butcher Block Oil offers top-tier protection. This clear, odorless, food-grade mineral oil penetrates deep into wood fibers to prevent drying and cracking. Whether it’s for your butcher blocks, cutting boards, or other kitchen utensils, Howard ensures they remain pristine and long-lasting.


  • Fast absorption. The oil sets into any wood surface very quickly.
  • Simple to use. No time will get wasted trying to figure out how to use the thing!
  • Stain-resistant. This sealant is waterproof and prevents wood stains.


  • Frequent Appliction: We noticed that as it tends to get absorbed by the wood quickly, leaving surfaces dry after some time. Moreover, it may not provide a high level of waterproofing, potentially leaving wood susceptible to water damage over time.
  • Price. This oil is a bit expensive when measured up against the alternatives.


Even though the missing cloth and higher price tag can prove frustrating, the Howard Butcher Block Oil still offers huge advantages for wood sealing!

#11: HOPE’s 100% Pure Tung Oil – Most Beginner-Friendly

HOPE'S 100% Pure Tung Oil, Food Safe, Premium Waterproof Natural Wood Finish and Sealer for Indoor and Outdoor Projects, 32 Fl Oz, 1 Pack

Aimed at beginner and experienced woodworking enthusiasts alike, HOPE’s 100% Pure Tung Oil  is a plant-based, chemical-free, and food-safe finish that enhances the grain of your wood items while providing a natural luster. It’s strong water-resistant properties make it a go-to for items frequently exposed to moisture. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a safe and natural finish for their wood items.


  • High effectiveness. Extremely functional, this oil won’t give you any problems with sealing.
  • Casual use. Even if you’ve never used a sealant before, this one is straightforward and simple.
  • Easy to clean. Cleaning up isn’t going to be a headache after using the oil!


  • Less affordable. There are doubtlessly better choices on this list if budget is a central concern.
  • Ugly scent. This oil has a strong, highly unpleasant odor. Get your air fresheners ready!


Though HOPE’s tung oil is a bit pricey and could definitely use a more attractive smell, its high functionality and ease of use combine to make it a strong, practical choice for woodworkers.

#12: Minwax Polycrylic Protective Wood Finish – Best for Experienced Users

1/2 pt Minwax 23333 Clear Polycrylic Water-Based Protective Finish Satin

Let’s try something new: A polyacrylic sealer! 

This Minwax Polycrylic Protective Wood Finish is a food-safe, crystal-clear finish that adds high durability to your wood items. Resistant to common household spills, it keeps your kitchenware and furniture looking like new. For a finish that offers both beauty and robust protection, Minwax is an excellent choice.


  • A beautiful coat. The sealant provides an attractive, glowing appearance to any wood project.
  • High-quality ingredients. Only effective, worthwhile ingredients are used in the formula, and it shows!
  • Well-designed packaging. We would like to praise the inventive, sleek-looking package design.


  • Difficulty. This sealer is not beginner-friendly and requires a substantial time and energy investment.
  • Cold sensitivity. If you use the product during a cold winter, you might see some cracks form in the finish.


The Minwax protective finish presents a steep hill to climb, but those who make it to the top are rewarded with a wonderful, quality product!

#13: LinSheen Raw Linseed Oil – Most Long-Lasting

LinSheen Raw Linseed Oil – Flaxseed Wood Treatment Conditioner to Rejuvenate, Restore and Condition Wood Patio Furniture, Decks to Kitchen Cutting Boards, 4 oz Bottle

Made from flaxseeds, 4-ounce LinSheen Raw Linseed Oil is designed for hand-rubbing application to various wood surfaces. This food-safe oil that deeply penetrates and seals wood, offering protection from scratches and water damage. It ensures a smooth and beautiful finish due to its slow drying time. Perfect for your wood items, LinSheen guarantees a naturally enhanced and well-protected wood surface.


  • Thorough packaging instructions. Clear labeling is especially useful for beginners!
  • Long-lasting application. You won’t need to reapply a new coat as frequently as some sealants.
  • Natural appearance. Linseed oil provides a clean, earthy glow to your project!


  • Strong odor. This product smells quite unpleasant, and the scent might stick around for a while.
  • Slower drying time. Your patience could get tested while waiting for the oil to dry!


While its long drying process and unpleasant smell keep it from being crowned our top choice, LinSheen Raw Linseed Oil is still a highly useful and appealing food grade wood sealer.

#14: Goldman’s Wood Balm – Best for Simplicity

Goldman's Wood Balm - Cutting Board Finish - Paste Wax - Wood Wax - Paste Wax for Wood - Wood Sealer - All Natural - Non Toxic - Food Grade - Wood Finish - Made in America

To finish off our list, we have Goldman’s Wood Balm! This unique blend of beeswax and mineral oil, is handcrafted to provide a nourishing, hydrating, and protective layer to your wooden items. Not only does it offer a food-grade finish, but it also works to extend the life of your wooden kitchen utensils and furniture. This balm is a testament to the beauty and functionality of handcrafted care.


  • Smooth absorption. The concoction gets evenly absorbed into the wood!
  • Speedy drying process. You won’t have to wait around for ages just to get your surface sealed.
  • Look and feel. This balm displays a shining, beautiful look after it’s done drying.


  • Limited surfaces. This is strictly a wood finish, so projects made with other materials require a different sealant.
  • Less effective. As with most all-natural sealers, some efficiency gets lost from not using stronger chemicals.


Goldman’s Wood Balm isn’t quite as strong and nimble as some heavy-duty sealers, but it will get the job done for most projects!

Our Pick: Godora Pure Tung Oil

Overall, we decided that Godora Pure Tung Oil has the most to offer in the competitive food grade wood sealer field.

The combination of durability, a quick drying time, and ease of use make for a spectacular finish that any woodworker can be proud to have as part of their collection!

Our Pick: Godora Pure Tung Oil

Overall, we decided that Godora Pure Tung Oil has the most to offer in the competitive food grade wood sealer field.
The combination of durability, a quick drying time, and ease of use make for a spectacular finish that any woodworker can be proud to have as part of their collection!

Final Thoughts

That brings us to our finale! Hope you enjoyed our little journey into the competitive jungle of food-safe wood sealants. 

While there are some fantastic wood finish choices that didn’t make the cut, we’re confident that these choices represent the best food grade wood sealer products currently on the market!

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