how much does a cord of wood weigh

How Much Does a Cord of Wood Weigh?

How much does a cord of wood weigh? Learning to answer this gave me helluva issues. So, we’ll get into it right away – a cord of wood weighs anywhere from 2000 to 5000 pounds, depending on the type of wood.

I don’t want to alarm anyone but wood telepathy is just a woodworker’s daydream. If you regularly deal with woodwork, you probably know the trials of buying wood. Unlike eyeing and buying, we woodcarvers need to understand the metrics and weights of different types of wood before purchasing. 

Read on as we learn how much a cord of wood weighs, different types of wood, and how they differ by weight.

What is a Cord of Wood, Anyway?

The term “cord of wood” refers to a standard measurement for firewood and pulpwood in America and Canada.

It describes the amount of wood that, when stacked and arranged, will amount to 128 cubic feet. A “cord of wood” also applies to a 4 feet high, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet deep woodpile.

If you’re just getting started with woodwork, then wood weights can feel confusing. You’re not alone, because wood weights and measurements also gave me a real existential crisis. 

how much does a cord of firewood weigh
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How Much Does a Cord of Firewood Weigh?

A cord of firewood doesn’t have a standard weight because different types of wood have different characteristics. For example, a cord of maple wood will weigh more than a cord of spruce. 

Here are some other defining factors for a cord of wood:

  • The Wood Species: Certain wood species are denser than others, making their cords naturally weigh more. Mulberry, black locust, and cottonwood sit on the heavier side of the spectrum.
  • Moisture Content: Moisture forms a huge chunk of wood weight. Think of how water can impact the final weight of a product, compared to if it was dry.
  • Space and Stacking Arrangement: While the cord is a standard measurement, it doesn’t require a specific arrangement. For instance, round logs have more space in between them, so they would generally fit less wood. And, compact logs will fit more wood than loosely packed ones, even though they look the same.

Common Firewood Cord Weights By Species

Hardwood is better for firewood than softwood because they burn slowly and stay lit for long. If like me, you buy firewood often, then you’ll need this simple chart when you’re on the run:

Wood SpeciesGreen Weight Seasoned Weight
Apple 4850 lb/cord3900 lb/cord
Ash3950 lb/cord3500 lb/cord
Basswood4400 lb/cord2000 lb/cord
Birch4300 lb/cord3000 lb/cord
Black Locust4600 lb/cord4000 lb/cord
Black Walnut4600 lb/cord3200 lb/cord
Bur Oak4950 lb/cord3800 lb/cord
Calalpa4550 lb/cord2350 lb/cord
Cherry3700 lb/cord3000 lb/cord
Coffeetree3900 lb/cord3100 lb/cord
Cottonwood4650 lb/cord2300 lb/cord
Elm4450 lb/cord2900 lb/cord
Fir3600 lb/cord2100 lb/cord
Hackberry4000 lb/cord3050 lb/cord

How Much Does a Face Cord of Oak Weigh?

A face cord of oak weighs about 1200 pounds. For other wood species, a face cord will vary, as oak is on the heavier side of hardwoods.

How much does a cord of oak weigh? A cord of oak can weigh anywhere from 3800 pounds to 5550 pounds, depending on the species and moisture content. Seasoned cords of Red, Bur, and White Oak weigh 4900, 4950, and 5550 pounds respectively.

How Much Does a Cord of Hardwood Weigh?

A cord of hardwood weighs between 3000 to 5500 pounds, depending on the type of hardwood. It varies so much because there are several kinds of hardwood, like sugar maple, oak, walnut, and apple. 

Hardwood will always weigh more than softwood because it is denser and heavier, even though hardwood typically has less moisture.

How much does a half cord of wood weigh? A half cord of wood weighs between 1400 and 2500 pounds. Since it is half a full cord, it is 2 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep. However, the exact weight will depend on the wood species.

How much does a rick of wood weigh? On average, a rick of wood weighs up to 2000 pounds. It is also a common wood measuring unit, and it is equal to ⅓ of a cord.

how much does a half cord of wood weigh
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Cord of Wood a Truck Load?

A cord of wood can be a truckload, depending on the stacking arrangement and the truck’s size. But, I’d say a full-sized truck will carry 2 to 3 cords of wood. 

To determine the exact capacity, however, I always measure the pieces of wood and compare them to the truck’s size.

Is a Cord of Wood 4x4x8?

The short answer is yes. The common measurement for a cord of wood is 4x4x8. 

Interestingly, it started as a means to regulate cheating wood sellers who inflated by lying about their woods’ weight in the winter.

How Much of a Cord of Wood Fits in a Truck?

The amount of wood to fill a truck heavily depends on the truck’s size. Mini trucks, for example, will naturally carry less cargo than large ones. 

However, some large trucks can comfortably carry 2-3 cords of wood without tipping over.

What Does a Full Cord of Wood Look Like in a Truck?

In a truck, a full cord of wood would look 4 feet high and 8 feet wide. The truck’s size may confuse you, but it’ll help to focus on the height and depth of the wood instead of the scale.

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In a Nutshell

Whew. That was a lot of information back there. Wood weights and measurements are the big boy version of geometry class. They are finicky, and just as traumatizing. 

How much does a cord of wood weigh? Let’s summarize it into bite-sized chunks. A cord of wood can weigh between 2000-5500 pounds, depending on the wood’s moisture, species, and stacking arrangement. And, as you create more woodwork, you’ll learn to eyeball and differentiate potentially heavier and lighter cords of wood

How long did it take you to learn? Share your experience with us in the comments, and share this article with woodwork enthusiasts who might need it!

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