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Unveiling 7 Drill Auger Bits: Your Gateway to Precision Drilling

After testing 7 of the best drill auger bits, I’ve concluded that the IRWIN WeldTec Drill Bit is the highest-quality auger bit for most woodworkers.

Believe me, this was a careful and experienced decision! After my decades-long career in woodworking, where I’ve built furniture, filled screw holes, and drilled more wood openings than I can count, I know a thing or two about auger bits.

The IRWIN WeldTec’s strong drilling capacity, impressive lifespan, and clean, precise design all add up to a top-notch tool.

Of course, there are always caveats: For factors like price, versatility, and quick drilling, there are other drill bits I’d suggest instead.

Read on for my expert opinion on the top 7 drill auger bits, along with special insights into how you can simplify your final decision.

7 Best Drill Auger Bits for Wood

Let’s first take a closer look 7 of the highest quality woodworking auger bits, starting off with my personal recommendation:

Product ImageProduct NameSimpleWood
What I likedWhat I did not likeLink
IRWIN WeldTec Drill BitIRWIN WeldTec Drill BitBest Overall– Precise Drilling
– Easy to use
– Long lifespan
– Affordable
– Struggles with treated woodCheck Price Here
SOMADA Auger DrillSOMADA 5-Piece SetBest for Speed– Power drill compatibility
– Varying depth choices
– Tight attachment
– Overheats quickly
– Difficult bit removal
Check Price Here
BRUFER Auger Drill BitBRUFER Auger Drill BitMost Affordable– Low cost
– Strong
– Clean drilling
– Dulls quickly
– Reversing challenges
Check Price Here
Diablo Auger BitDiablo Auger BitMost Durable– Highly durable
– Stable drilling
– Good depth capacity
– Gets stuck in deep holesCheck Price Here
CORTOOL Auger DrillCORTOOL Auger Drill BitBest for Precision Drilling– Precise drilling
– Varying diameters
– Sharp
– Limited material compatibilityCheck Price Here
LDEXIN Drill BitLDEXIN Drill BitBest for Longevity– Long-lasting design
– Metal-cutting capable
– Speedy drilling
– Drill compatibility issues
– Possible bending
Check Price Here
PHITUODA Auger BitPHITUODA Auger BitMost Versatile Materials– Durable steel construction
– Works on varied materials
– Steady drilling
– Is Dull and not suitable for longer useCheck Price Here

1. IRWIN WeldTec Drill Bit – Best Overall

IRWIN WeldTec Auger Wood Drill Bit 5/8' X 17' (3043007)

Built with quality in mind, the IRWIN WeldTec Drill Bit has a few key characteristics that made it stand out to me as the ideal auger bit for woodworkers:

  • Precision. The IRWIN bit is capable of drilling highly clean, precise holes, which ultimately saves you the trouble of having to deal with splintering or irritating wood chippings.
  • Ease of use. A simple, intuitive corkscrew design allows you to get working with the bit straight away, so you can easily meet deadlines and increase productivity. 
  • Lifespan. Due to its durable, quality blend of materials, the WeldTec bit typically lasts for several years, preventing any need for frequent new drill bit purchases.
  • Affordability. This bit is on the lower end of the common price ranges, keeping the project budget flexible for other tools and material costs.

That’s not to say I didn’t have complaints! 

Pressure treated wood turned out to be a pesky problem: The drill bit couldn’t effectively dig through more than a few inches.

But, that small problem aside, I found this tool provides the highest overall value of any of the bits I worked with.

2. SOMADA 5-Piece Set – Best for Speed

SOMADA Auger Drill Bit Set for Wood, 5-Piece, 1/2', 5/8', 3/4', 7/8' and 1' Inch Size, 4-Inch Long with Storage Case, Impact Wood Auger Set with Quick Change

As I’m sure many can relate, I’ve often found myself working on projects that necessitate quick, repetitive drilling (like digging several post holes). 

In those cases, the SOMADA 5-Piece Set is a lifesaver, for a few basic reasons:

  • Power drill compatibility. This set can attach to that power drill you have on hand, which dramatically speeds up work compared to manual drilling.
  • Depth choices. Since this is a set of five bits, you can conveniently choose between drill depths, opening the door for much more project flexibility.
  • Tight attachment. The bits attach super tightly to your drill, keeping them from coming loose while working and slowing you down or messing up a hole.

In the midst of testing the set out, though, I encountered a couple issues.

First, the bits overheated quickly. After only three or four uses, I would periodically have to take breaks to let the parts cool off, which obviously isn’t great for efficiency.

Also, once I was done drilling, removing the bit from the drill ended up being a Herculean challenge. The tight attachment was convenient when working, but not so much after I was finished!

3. BRUFER Auger Drill Bit – Most Affordable

BRUFER 23256 Auger Drill Bit (5/8' x 12')

Cost-conscious woodworkers will be pleased with the BRUFER Auger Drill Bit, which features:

  • Low price. The BRUFER bit is about as cheap as auger bits can get while still retaining a relatively high level of quality, so it’s a perfect fit for low-budget DIY efforts.
  • Strength. This tool is impressively strong and can easily cut through wood without unexpected slowdowns.
  • Clean drilling. With this bit, you can drill smooth holes into your wood without worrying about splinters and wood chips flying about or ugly-looking gaps in what was supposed to be a beautiful chair or table.

It’s often the case that cheaper tools suffer a quality hit, and that unfortunately held true for the BRUFER bit in a couple of areas.

After only a couple dozen uses, the drill bit started dulling significantly, making further progress a lot slower and less steady. Additionally, reversing the bit proved to be a challenge for deeper holes, which was an irritating obstacle for jobs that needed several holes dug.

4. Diablo Auger Bit – Most Durable

Diablo 1-1/4 in. x 7-1/2 in. Auger Bit

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had an auger bit break on me while I was working more than my fair share of times!

So, I was quite relieved to get to work with the Diablo Auger Bit and its benefits:

  • High durability. My overwhelming impression was that this is one tough drill bit. Breaking or coming loose while drilling are definitely not problems you’re likely to encounter.
  • Stability. The Diablo bit makes for smooth, stable hole digging, with no out-of-control shaking or unsteadiness to report.
  • Depth. If you work with a large range of drilling depths, the Diablo has a nice, intermediate depth capacity suitable for most woodworking use cases.

On the less pleasant side, there were some definite trouble areas.

For deeper holes, the bit often got stuck, so I had to waste a fair bit of time wriggling it loose. In fact, for less powerful drills in general, the Diablo faces a frustratingly high chance of getting stuck in the wood while drilling.

5. CORTOOL Auger Drill Bit – Best for Precision Drilling

CORTOOL Auger Drill Bit for Wood,1/2', 5/8', 3/4' and 1' Inch Size with Quick Change Hex Shank 5-Piece Drill Bit Set for Wood

Some holes need to be drilled fairly exact, or there will be problems down the road. 

The CORTOOL Auger Drill Bit squarely addresses that problem, and some others:

  • Precise drilling. The depth choices, quality material, and four-flute design combined so that I was able to dig exact, clean openings.
  • 5 available diameters. As a set of 5 bits, you can choose the right diameter to control for hole depth, allowing for more measured and sturdy project designs.
  • Sharpness. These bits will cut straight through both hardwoods and softwoods with incredible ease, taking away concerns about being stuck to using one type of wood for furniture or construction.

One big drawback I found was there are material limitations. 

These auger bits certainly won’t drill effectively through any sort of metal. Likewise, though plastic drilling is advertised, my testing told a different story, with the bit constantly getting stuck while trying to dig through the surface.

6. LDEXIN Drill Bit – Best for Longevity

LDEXIN 5/16 Inch Diameter Wood Auger Drill Bit, 9 Inch (23cm) Length Ship Auger Bit Wood Hole Cutter for Hardwood, Softwood - 2 Pack

The dream is to buy a drill bit that will last for an eternity! 

While that’s not exactly realistic, the LDEXIN Drill Bit gets us closer to that goal that many others, with some undeniable strengths:

  • Long-lasting design. Thanks to its carbon steel material, this one retains its sharp, strong quality for years.
  • Effective metal-cutting. While I principally deal with woodworking, it’s always convenient to have an auger bit that can dig through metal when needed.
  • Speed. Though it doesn’t work quite as quickly as the SOMADA set, the LDEXIN still gives most bits a run for their money when it comes to speedy, efficient drilling.

A noteworthy con I ran into while experimenting with this drill bit was compatibility issues with drills. The unusual length and dimensions of the bit led to me having to get a new drill to use it; not a huge issue, but certainly an inconvenience.

On a similar note, despite the usually quality design, I noticed some prominent bending of the bit toward the end of my testing. 

This bending was most likely a result of working with harder metal and wood, so lighter materials are probably preferable for durability.

7. PHITUODA Auger Bit – Most Versatile Materials

PHITUODA 1' x 14' Wood Auger Drill Bit with 1/2 Inch Hex Shank, Perfect for Soft & Hard Wood, Plastic, Drywall, PVC

Work with a lot of different materials on your projects, from wood to plastic to metal? 

The PHITUODA Auger Bit was built with material choice in mind, and that goal shows through its features:

  • Steel construction. Built from carbon steel, this tool is durable and won’t suffer from easy breaking or splitting: An absolute requirement for repeat drilling!
  • Varying surfaces. The PHITUODA is designed to cut through a wide choice of materials, including all types of softwood, hardwood, metal, plywood, and plastic. This provides a much higher level of project freedom than many drill auger bits.
  • Steady drilling. The tool has a centered design, leading to steady, smooth drilling and minimizing the need to change the drill’s position or adjust your grip.

On the other hand, there was a very significant problem: Dullness.

Out of the box, I immediately noticed that the PHITUODA bit was already a little dull, and this problem only got worse with repeated use. It still got the job done for most projects, but I suspect that, for long-term use, this isn’t a strong choice.

Guide to Purchasing Drill Auger Bits

Now, my suggestion obviously isn’t everything!

If you’re still struggling to pick between a few drill auger bits, I have some handy suggestions to help narrow down the decision:

Features to Consider

First, let’s look at the main qualities you’ll want to compare to choose an auger bit:

  • Depth. Depending on the project, drill bit depth can be a critical factor. For deeper holes, you may want a bit that can drill up to 2 feet.
  • Compatibility. If you’re working a power drill, verifying that the auger bit is compatible with it is crucial for preventing project hurdles.
  • Durability. A drill bit isn’t much good if it breaks after one use! Finding a solid, durable auger bit will protect against future time and money waste.
  • Price. Budget is a tricky obstacle; if you want to ensure plenty of room in your wallet for other tools and materials, picking an affordable drill bit can go a long way.

Types of Auger Drill Bits

One easy way to speed up your decision is by deciding which of the types of drill auger bits you need.

Twist drill bits, for example, are a good generalist type of bit used for a huge range of materials, including wood, some metal, and plastic. I’d recommend twist bits if you work with many distinct types of projects.

On the other hand, you might want to invest in a drill saw bit if your woodworking project requires an unusual hole shape.

Are Auger Bits Better Than Spade Bits?

Unlike an auger bit, a spade bit consists of a dull, rectangular head shape. This shape makes these bits ill-equipped for deep, precise hole drilling, as the head often causes splintering. 

The other side of that coin is that spade bits are usually less expensive than auger bits, so they can be preferable for drilling shallow holes on account of their low cost. That said, in most scenarios, I’d suggest auger bits as the better choice.

Common Uses

Knowing your project use case can vastly simplify your final choice:

  • Planting trees. Digging out holes for trees is a very common use for auger bits. For small bulb and vegetable plans, it’s best to go for a short bit, in the range of 2-to-4 inches.
  • Construction. Auger drill bits can be used to dig out post holes, create joints, build tree houses, or drill straight through trees. In these cases, a strong, durable bit built for precision drilling is ideal.
  • Furniture. Most woodworkers at some point use an auger drill bit to drill holes for doors, windows, or chairs. Fast-working, simple bits are most suitable for these sorts of projects.

What Is the Best Drill Bit for Deep Holes in Wood?

For deep drilling, I’d most highly recommend the SOMADA 5-Piece Set.

The 5 available bits include a length, sharpness, and immense durability that bore deeper holes without any worries about breaking, splintering, or unclean cuts.


For most projects, the IRWIN WeldTec Drill Bit is the simple choice.

The precise drilling, quick and easy corkscrew design, and long-lasting material all stood out to me as stand-out strengths that couldn’t be ignored.

Visit IRWIN’s store page to check out why I think it’s the best of the best for drill auger bits!

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